How Solana Coin Club can push mass adoption of Solana

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4 min readJan 18, 2022


The importance of small communities like Solana Coin Club and the impact they can have on the mass adoption of Solana.

When it comes to emerging technologies and platforms, especially in the cryptocurrency space, the dedicated small communities can sometimes be the make or break when it comes to whether a platform will be a success, adopted by the masses or whether it will fade away and be forgotten.

2021 was a year of astronomical growth for Solana, starting the year at less than $2 before going on to reach highs of over $250. The platform went from being a relative nobody to being widely recognised as the biggest threat to the mighty Ethereum. The potential for this platform is huge and during 2021 we saw a glimpse of what Solana is really capable of, there were some hiccups along the way, however the fundamentals never changed and going into 2022 Solana remains one of the most promising platforms in the crypto space.

Why do small communities matter?

Whilst Solana has now firmly cemented itself in the top 5 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, being an extensive platform that allows for endless dApps (decentralized apps) and tools to be built upon it, there is still a long way for it to grow and develop before it can truly be adopted by the masses. This is where the small, dedicated communities of hard working individuals come into play.

Solana is a platform that does not require the same level of technical knowledge as some of its competitors, nevertheless a decent amount of technical know-how is needed in order to get things done efficiently on the platform. Knowledge in Rust, C and C++, whilst not mandatory, are the cornerstones of most program (smart contract) deployments on Solana. Here is where the barrier lies, whilst the small communities contain many tech savvy individuals, who have forgotten more about C++ than the majority of the population will ever know, for the mass adoption of Solana there needs to be a way for people who don’t know how to program to be still able to utilize Solana to its full potential. This is the problem that many small communities like the Solana Coin Club are trying to address.

There are countless small communities like the Solana Coin Club, developing tools and deploying programs that simplify processes on Solana. Whether it be minting NFTs or creating entire platforms for marketing, the development of these tools that simplify these processes, to help the average Joe take advantage of Solana and blockchain technology in general, are what will help push the truly mass adoption of Solana.

What Solana Coin Club is doing to help

Besides being a club of NFT holders, the Solana Coin Club has been hard at work behind the scenes developing a variety of tools and platforms that will help average Joe’s make better use of Solana’s technology and immerse more and more people in the Solana ecosystem. Notable is their Solana NFT Bulk Minting tool, which has turned the task of minting NFTs into a simple drag and drop process, letting you create entire NFT collections with a few clicks and zero coding knowledge required. It is tools like this that are helping people with no knowledge of coding and not much knowledge of crypto or blockchain get into NFTs whilst dipping their toes in the Solana ecosystem. These small progressions are what will help slowly get the masses into NFTs on the Solana ecosystem, and once they’ve got the hang of NFTs on the Solana ecosystem they can start exploring the plethora of other amazing dApps on the Solana platform. Tools that could genuinely change their entire workflows and the way they interact with the internet, tools that will revolutionize the way we think of online marketing such as the Complete Solana Advertising Platform that Solana Coin Club is developing.

As the world slowly starts recognizing blockchain technology, the next big step will be to encourage people to actually use blockchain technology. Simplifying the process of using blockchain technology for current fields of work like online marketing, something that has been around since the dawn of the internet, is what will slowly push adoption of blockchain technology by more and more people.

Why should you join the Solana Coin Club

Joining the Solana Coin Club is one way to become part of one of the dedicated communities that will really push blockchain technology going forwards, and encourage it’s adoption by the masses. Become part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals that are enthusiastic about the potential of the Solana platform. Becoming part of the community will open the doors for you to network with a large group of talented, accomplished individuals who can share their knowledge and maybe create life changing opportunities. There will also be invitations to exclusive events and real life benefits to holding a Solana Coin Club token and being part of the community.

Solan Coin Club — Tier 8 Coin

If that wasn’t reason enough then consider the opportunity to get a share of the royalties from these tools, designed for mass market adoption, simply for holding certain tokens and being part of the community. If you hold four of the same token, available from each of the platforms we’ll be releasing on, then you’ll become part of the inner circle that will be rewarded with a share of the royalties generated by these revolutionary tools.



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