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4 min readJan 18, 2022


The tokens of the Solana Coin Club and why you should own them

The tokens of the Solana Coin Club are a carefully crafted collection of coins that pay homage to the Solana ecosystem they are based on. The team behind the collection are real enthusiasts of the Solana ecosystem and wanted to create an NFT collection to help spread their message and help get more people behind the Solana ecosystem and realize its true potential.

The tokens themselves

The tokens are a collection of 4 sets, each containing 333 meticulously designed, highly detailed coins with great attention to detail. Our tokens will start at 1 SOL for the Tier 1 coins and from there we will let the community and the demand dictate the price of our tokens.

There are 9 tiers of coins, ranging from our entry-level plastic coins and going all the way to our top of the line Ultimate Diamond coins:

  • Tier 1 : Plastic Coins
  • Tier 2 : Plastic & Metal Coins
  • Tier 3 : Metal Coins
  • Tier 4 : Raw Metal Coins
  • Tier 5 : Raw & Metal Coins
  • Tier 6 : Golden Marble Coins
  • Tier 7 : Electric Coins
  • Tier 8 : Gold Marble Diamond Coins
  • Tier 9 : Ultimate Diamond Coins

Each tier will be increasing in rarity and value, with a few extremely rare coins included in the collection that, if you are lucky enough to own, will bring you benefits enjoyed by very few holders.

The making of the tokens

We took the Solana logo as the starting point when designing the coins as we wanted to pay homage to the Solana ecosystem that we are all so enthusiastic about. We believe that the Solana logo on it’s own is stunning and we wanted to create the coin around that logo to complement it. We have created the coins around this logo with a variety of designs and materials, each complementing the Solana logo in a different way.

All the Solana Coin Club coins were designed and rendered as ultra high resolution animated 3D models using Cinema 4D by our team of expert designers. We took the time to perfect the smallest details of our coins, each element painstakingly placed to ensure that everything came together to give us the amazing coins we ended up with. We then placed our club name and motto, “In SOL We Trust” on the outer ring of each token along with “decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency” at the top as further link to Solana. We also created a variety of different backdrops that your tokens will revolve around, getting better as you go up the tiers.

Each set that will be released on a different NFT marketplace will have a unique animation, each with different rotations, so even as a set holder, each of your tokens whilst being the same coin, will have a unique animation differentiating it from the rest of the set.

Why you should own Solana Coin Club Tokens

Aside from supporting a project and being part of a community that is supporting the growth of the Solana ecosystem and pushing for mainstream adoption of Solana through our unique tools and applications. There are a variety of perks that will directly benefit you, just for holding our NFT.

Just for being a holder of any of our Solana Coin Club tokens you become part of our tight-knit community, this will gain you access to our network of talented, accomplished individuals where you can network and make connections that can benefit you outside of just this project. As a token holder you will also receive invites to our exclusive events in addition to real life benefits like sharing in the success of our community projects/

If you are fortunate enough to be a holder of the same coin from each of the four sets, you become a “set holder”, a VIP of sorts, that entitles you to even more amazing benefits. As a set holder you immediately become part of our “inner circle”, here you can enjoy added benefits reserved exclusively for set holders, chiefly being rewarded with a share of the royalties generated by the various Solana Coin Club tools.


The Solana Coin Club has taken it’s time to craft beautiful, unique coins that pay homage to the ecosystem we all love. We’d be honored if you’d join our community as a holder of one of our bespoke tokens, as well as being a supporter of the various projects we’ve undertaken, all with the common goal of further developing the Solana ecosystem and pushing for the mass adoption of Solana. Whilst you get to become part of our tight-knit community of like minded individuals you will also be rewarded with the many benefits of being part of our community. We hope to see you become part of the Solana Coin Club when we launch our mint.



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